General thatch roof maintenance


Brushing, Combing and Patching

We comb or brush off old grass from thatch roofs and patch it, replacing the worn out grass and restore the ridges and valleys of your thatch roofs, replacing with light weight fibre glass ridges as part of our thatch roof maintenance. it is recommended to have thatch maintenance or brushing every 5 to 8 years to prolong its lifespan.

At GLan Thatchers, we also do thatch Lapa alterations and replacements, and repair damaged or rotten wooden poles with new Copper-Chromium-Arsenic (CCA) treated ones.

Thatch Repairs and Maintenance



While properly installed thatches are water proof and durable, it is highly recommended to have maintenance work on your thatch roof after every 5-8 years or so to ensure it is not compromised in such a way that it requires a complete rethatch before exhausting

its full life span of between 25 and 30 years. Give us a Call for any repairs or maintenance requirements.



GLan Thatchers are your thatch roof specialists, providing a variety of services including new Structures/Lapa construtions and general thatch consultation services.                     



In addition to thatch roof repairs, we also provide Fire Retardant treatment/spray with certification for insurance purposes, and try to keep our prices competitive at all times. Remember, failure to have fire protection and renew it every 5 years could cost you your insurance coverage. 

By the South African National Standards 10407, any thatch structure larger than 20 square meters is considered combustible, and should therefore have as much protection from fire hazards as possible, and should be a safe distance (atleast 4.5m) away from adjacent buildings or structures. 



Also recommended is the installation of lightning masts close to thatch roofs and Lapas, covering the roof at a 45 degree angle for full protection. At GLan Thatchers we also do lightning masts installations for your thatch roofs, and remember, your lightning mast should be tested annuallyto ensure you are still protected, and its not compromised by weather conditions