In addition to leak repairs, pull and brush, and other general maitenance, eventually, all thatch roofs and Lapas would require a rethatch. There are two ways of rethatching Lapas and thatch roofs. Which method is employed depends mainly on the general condition os the thatch roof in question. Oftentimes, it is very tempting to go for the seamingly cheaper option, but the condition of the Lapa should be the deciding factor over the price. At Glan Thathcers, we can help you reach your goals, to restore your thatch roof by rethatching it accordingly.

If your thatch roof has been brushed time and again, and the thatch grass is too short to pull and brush once again, and the sway layer, wires, or twine is exposed, an over-thatch would be ideal. With an over-thatch, the old thatch is not entirely removed, but rather a new thatch layer is added over the existing thin layer of grass. The purpose is to cover the old thatch, the wires and twines with a new thatch layer, thereby reviving your Lapa or thatch roof. With an over-thatch, it is very important to cover the sway with enough thatch grass to protect it while at the same time avoiding over burdening the overal structure with more weight than it can handle. An over-thatch that is not installed correctly can can weaken and eventually collapse thatch roofs and Lapas. It is therefore a required that thatch roofs maintain a maximum of 250mm overall thickness, with a minimum of 70mm over-thatch over the sway.

The other type entails completely stripping off the old thatch grass, including the Cape Reed. After sripping off the thatch, a new layer of Cape Reed is installed first, followed by the common or High veld thatch. If your thatch roof has exhausted its life span, and the thatch grass is rotted beyond repair, the only feasible option is a complete rethatch. It would be pointless trying to mix new thatch with already rotten grass that would  compromise the life span of the thatch roof.. A complete rethatch and stripping also entails replacing worn out battens or lath, along with ridge repairs.